Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Become a Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnosis training course.  After the comprehensive 100 hour program, you will have the ability to utilize multiple hypnosis techniques to positively affect clients immediately after the courses completion.  Help enable your clients to quit smoking, reduce stress, improve study skills, improve weight control and live happier, healthier lives. 
Anyone interested in helping people change their lives.  Hypnosis is a wonderful complementary modality for psychologist, psychiatrists, nurses, medical doctors, teachers, chiropractors, holistic healers and anyone else looking to help adults and children deal with all issues in our increasing complex society. 
Multiple ways to hypnotize clients, how to create confidence in your abilities, how torecognize different depths of the hypnotic state, hypnosis for smoking cessation, hypnosis for stress relief, hypnosis for improved study skills, how to build up your clientele, the power of sleep compounding, and rapid induction techniques.  Additionally, the difference between the subconscious, unconscious and conscious minds, how to build rapport, methods of emerging from hypnosis and how to keep your practice safe and organized will be covered.  Time will be included to address group concerns and interests in other topics.   
  • Certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
  • Membership with NGH
  • Marketing Manual
  • Information on How to Form a Local NGH Chapter
  • Basic and Advanced Hypnosis Training Manuals
  • NGH Hypnosis Script package
  • 2 Master Marketing DVDs
  • Motivation for the New Hypnotist CD
  • Building a Successful Practice CD  
 2015 Training Class – 8 Days
March 22 –March 29thThe 29th will be for Testing and Graduation
Classes run from 8AM - 5PM with lunch breaks .Classes will be held at
9720 Capital Court Suite 301 – Meeting Room
Manassas, VA 20181
For more information, email

The Training Course is normally $2,295, but because we are holding it in a new location, we are holding a special price of $1,995.
For medical professionals, alternative health providers, teachers and veterans there is an early bird price of $1,595, if you sign up byFebruary 28th. 
A $500 dollar deposit ensures your spot at this special training session. 
You may put in your registration at with your deposit.
Payment plans are available for those seriously interested in helping others and improving the quality of their lives.

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